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FENSA Knowledge Hub – the glazing installers sales, marketing and management control centre

Gain unparalleled access to one of the most extensive collections of information available to the UK glazing market

The FENSA Knowledge Hub is the UK glazing industry’s control centre. The comprehensive records collated within the hub will provide an enlightening insight into your business and how it compares against the market.
The Knowledge Hub provides a commercial opportunity for FENSA registered firms to harness the power of their data. By utilizing the information displayed in the hub, firms will be able to improve on their internal business processes to increase sales and expand market share.
The simple to use online portal allows you to compare and contrast your individual data against the wider industry. Key statistics can then be viewed on a national scale or broken down to a local authority level of detail, allowing FENSA members to gain a better understanding of their position within the market.
Inside the Knowledge Hub you have the ability to filter your data based on specific timeframes. This tool allows you to compare and contrast different date ranges in order to see trends as they emerge and track improvements.
At the heart of the FENSA Knowledge Hub portal is a promise to always disclose clear, concise and consistent information that is displayed in line with government regulation and best practice policy.
FENSA takes every step possible to ensure the information stored and displayed within the Knowledge Hub remains private and confidential, in line with current data protection legislation. For us, security is critical when it comes to protecting your data.